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 Wreck Room Wednesday - IndieCan Wednesdays


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Bands: A - Ea

Bands: Ed - K

Bands: M - Se

Bands: St - W

Performances include:

City Sirens, Escapes, The Free Press , Amber Ladd, Modes of Transport, Roar and The Wolf  Jet Lag Gemini, Mackenzie King,  Vercity,  Wank Punter ,  The Compound, Freedom Cage,  Broomfiller, Static Lab,  Paris Black , Patrizia ( Rock Opera),  Amber Ladd,  John Connolly,  Tim Chaisson , All For Nothing, Freedom Cage, Miasmata , The 40 Thieves, Eddie Zeeman - drummer for Kathy Taler, Dr dFUNKt, Night Flowers, Sean Jones,  Dan Mangan, Ivory Tree Observatory, October Sky,  Bombs, The Mississippi Kings,  Japhy, Final Flash, The Western Civilization, Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers,  Alex Tintinalli Band, Jason Ford Band, Secret Suburbia,  Black Diamond Bay, Eamon McGrath, Kenny Munshaw,  Christina Maria, Vanderpark,  Cathartic, The Waxbills, Dr dFUNKt, The Februarys, The Painted Birds




David Rotundo Band, David Rotundo, Will Black, T&P Restaurant, Slingshot, Big Water Tower, The Doors Men, Doors Men, Sky Restaurant, Scarpelli, Gino Scarpelli, Gene Scarpelli, Hollerado, Redline Run, Justin Time, Sky Restaurant Lounge, GTA ROX, Rose  Theatre, Brampton, The Joys, Fools Paradise, Wax  Poets, Horseshoe Tavern, David Usher, Brampton, New Years Eve, David Usher New Years Eve, Vesta Varro, Burton Cummings, The Free Press, Tin Bangs, The Tin Bangs, Tenth Planet, Nancy Rancourt, Crash Parallel, The Joys, Tim's Myth, The Tewlips, Mother Mother, Canteen Knockout, The Chronicles., The Schomberg Fair, Crash Parallel at the Mod Club, Emm Gryner, TIFF 2008, Dundas Square Toronto, Hello Beautiful, Opera House, Live Session, The Chronicles, Canteen Knockout, Canteen Knockout Mitzi's Sister,  Shawn Sage, Mother Mother, The Tewlips, Tim's Myth, Crash Parallel, The Joys, Nancy Rancourt, Burton Cummings, Tenth Planet Horseshoe ,Sky Restaurant, Fools Paradise, Redline Run, Justin Time, GTA ROX, The Joys Rose Theatre, United Steel  Workers Montreal





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