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"I just got the photos.  They are absolutely stunning. You're the best photographer I know! We're hiring you next year, period. (the show is going to be annual again). Thank you so much!"  Daniela Oliva | Executive Producer B.A. (Hons.), J.D.  Toronto Independent Music Awards

"Thank you so much. I know I've told you this before, but you are so talented. I really appreciate this. Looking forward to our next meeting. Until then...  Tim, Tim's Myth"

"Hey Wendy,  Your photo of "Airborne Pat The White" was used to promote his show tonight in Peterborough, Way to go! "  Barry Mell , manager Pat the White Band,  Quebec City QC, Canada

" Hi Wendy, Thanks so much for lending your keen eye to capture Redline Run during our two recent engagements at Sky Restaurant Lounge. Your highly creative images reflect the energy, enthusiasm and emotion of the band’s live performance like no others! It was a pleasure working with a true professional like yourself and we’ll be sure to sing your praises on our website at "

 "Thanks, Wendy…Oh man…I swear to god that your pictures get better and better every time you shoot us… Soooooooo many great shots.  The photos are incredible…you are SO good at what you do. Please always know that you are welcome to be on our guest-list at shows and let us know if there’s anything else you need from us! Cheers! Sarah"  ( The Joys, London ON  )

 "Hey Wendy, I was going over some of the photos with my roommate, and I just wanted to say that they are truly fantastic. I’ve gone through A LOT of photographers over the years, and your work is absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for your time, I’ll email you in about a week regarding the sponsorship perks " Daniela Oliva, Founder, Executive Producer and H.B.A., TIMA - Toronto Independent Music Awards.


"Thanks again for taking the photos, you did an outstanding job. Good luck in the future, and may your new year be prosperous!" Antonio Changanaqui - MIASMATA

"Hey Wendy,  Holy shit, you're an amazing photographer...some of those pics are the best live shots we've ever had!   We'll talk soon...  MO" ( Photocell - formerly Stutter )

" Wow! I did enjoy. No worries about the credit, well-deserved!  Seriously, some amazing stuff in here. Thanks so much! I'm David Martel "

"Wow! Hi Wendy! Amazzzing pictures! We look way too handsome than we really are!!! Lol  Yes, I will make sure putting your name when we post on places....Thank you so much Wendy!!!! Satoshi Nagasaki" 

"Hey hey! it's jared paul from the Raine Maida tour; i just saw your photos at: Fantastic stuff. I look like a goddamn crazy person though. Wish my face stayed still for at least one second while I'm performing ever. I'd definitely like to use a few of these for press kit stuff"

"Hi Wendy! Thanks so much for the photos, they look awesome! You are really talented. Thanks again, keep in touch ;) Angela, Supernal "

"Wendy. These are awesome. Thank you so much for sending them. We will speak soon about using some. Take care. Great work. Thanks again so much. Brian - Brian Roman"

"WOW, Wendy… You should be really proud of those shots…totally incredible! Thanks again, Sarah  The Joys"

"You seem to get better and better every time  -  those are some fantastic photos Wendy, thanks so much.  YOU ROCK!!!"   Andre"   ( Andre Skinner, Canteen Knockout  )

" Hi wendy… Thanks so much for sending us those pics (and so quickly)!!!  You are a very talented photographer…I really appreciate you helping us out. We’re hoping to add some of your photos to our website, and we will definitely add your credits as well. Is it okay if we ad you to our GTA mailing list?  That way, we can let you know of any of our upcoming GTA shows as well Thanks again,  Sarah  ( The Joys) "

"Hey Wendy...THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS and sorry for the long delayed response. I think these are the best photos anyone has even taken of me live and I like most of them very much!!!!! Wow great job. A real pleasure. Thanks". adymm e. Eden Ants, Toronto ON, Canada.

"Thank you for your work, always a pleasure working with professionals"  ( Gern F., United Steel Workers of Montreal, Montreal QC, Canada.)

"They and you are amazing. I would love to have them. I will give you credit when used." ( Ty Taylor, Santa Monica, CA.USA)

"Your pictures are awesome. I was wondering if you'd be open to having us post them on our site with your water mark of course. We just did a photo shoot while we were there. Wish I had seen your work before".  (Tim Smith - Tim's Myth, Ottawa ON, Canada

"Wow awesome pics! Just checked em out on IndieCan. Thanks again the pics truly are wicked!! Can we please have permission to post/use them on our site? Proper credit will be given to you in what ever form (name/website) you would like. Thanks again! Mario, SECONDS APART"

"Thanks Wendy, you rock!"  ( Silent Soul, Montreal QC, Canada )

" Your photos are wonderful!!!  Everybody in the band is amazed.  A major thanks to you.  We were a bit sad to not have someone of our gang taking pictures, but now that you sent that, WOW"  ( Sam ,  Silent Soul, Montreal QC, Canada.)

"Wow! The pics are really great!  Do we have your permission to use some on our MySpace/Web site with your credits on each pic and a link to your MySpace?  Thanks again and take care!"  (Genevieve, Silent Soul, Montreal QC, Canada )

"Thanks so much for the photos! They look great." ( Ryan Guldemond , Mother, Mother, Vancouver BC, Canada)

"Wendy, Thanks so much for the photos. We will definitely use some of them. The boys appreciated these and will give you full credit l We are working on some dates to get back to Toronto and will keep you posted". ( Martha Martin, Manager for Juxtaposse, President of Global Quest Solutions, Williamsville, NY.)

"Thanks so much for taking the time to shoot the show and then for for forwarding the pics. I would love to use some of these."  Thanks again"  ( Larry Bagby, The Larry Bagby Band, California USA. )

"Very nice to have met you in Toronto this past Friday! What a whirlwind of a show. Saw some of the pics on the IndieCan web site from the gig. Very cool!. I am wondering if I might be able to use a few for my website?" ( Amanda Rheaume, Ottawa ON, Canada )

"Nice work Wendy, you're good :)  I finally can see my beautiful Stratocaster in action !"  (James Carroll, Toronto ON, Canada.)

"Hey wendy,  I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the band and acknowledge all the work you put into taking the pictures and coming out to Hamilton. I also want to thank you for putting the pictures up on your website. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future." ( Corey - The Tewlips , Hamilton ON,  Canada)

"Hi Wendy,  Your photos turned out simply spectacular!!! It was so great to get to spend some time with you that day too. Much Love, Mary"  ( Meg-A Music, Toronto ON, Canada)

"We got them and they're pretty fantastic. I'm impressed by what you could do given the challenging lighting situation at The El Mocambo". ( The Free Press, Toronto ON, Canada )

"Hey Wendy! Thanks so much for shooting us....artistically obviously. We would love to see more. Hope to see you out on the battlefield again! ". ( Sam Hell, Toronto ON, Canada)

"Great photos...and great amount of em too! : )    Sabrina Jalees,  Toronto ON, Canada

"Hey wendy,  nice to hear from you -  some really nice pics of the band! (Phil Klygo, Weewerk Records, Toronto ON, Canada)


       Mount Sinai Hospital Da Vinci Gala                                                   Pat the White Band, Jazz,


                          Pat The White Band                                      TIMA, Daniela Oliva                              Japhy                             

Johnny Hawthorn , Death and Taxes


Jorge Ortega and Carlos Skinfill -  Gio and Skinfill album, Save Me From Myself


          Ty Taylor, Ty Taylor Revue                                     FU2 Clothing Co, POIZUNUS                             CBC Radio 3, Dan Dwoskin       


 WEEWERK Records:  United Steel Workers of Montreal                          Canteen Knockout                                                     


LARRY BAGBY                                                                                  Cory Lee                                     USWM: Gern F


                                                                          Dearly Beloved, Feldman Showcase CMW

Canteen Knockout, Navajo Steel, WEEWERK Records

Canadian Music Showcase, Opus Road

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